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  • Thursday, January 04, 2018 1:44 PM | Ron Stahl (Administrator)

    Happy New Year Central Coast HRC of California,

    Our election has finished, and we are excited to announce that our new officers for the year will be:

    President - Jason O. Smith 
    Vice President - Thomas Davi
    Secretary - Becky Williams
    Treasurer - Susie Gallagher
    Members at Large - Kit McClurg, Maribel Acedo, Mike Hardy, Dave Farrar

    CCHRC offers these members big congratulations and thanks them for volunteering to oversee Club business as officers.

    With the New Year comes our spring schedule for training days and events. Our first training day/meeting for the year is February 3rd in Lost Hills at the CRTA Goose Lake property. Details for this and future training days/meetings will be posted on our website at  We will once again try to rotate training day locations to lessen the burden of drive times for members.  Unfortunately, however, we have limited options due to land availability and water.  If you have any ideas for finding additional training locations or if you are able to host a training day, please let us know.

    Our Hunt Test Committee is busy planning our AKC event scheduled to take place at Goose Lake in Lost Hills April 19 through 22, 2018. Further details can be found on Entry Express (  Details will also be discussed at our Club meetings held concurrently with upcoming training days.  We are trying hard to keep the cost of hired help down and want to encourage Club members to throw, shoot and otherwise work the event.  If you wish to help in the planning of this event in any way, and/or are willing to help out, please contact HT Chairman Jason O. Smith or HT Secretary Maribel Acedo.

    With the new year and new Board, we are very interested in hearing what each of YOU want to do as a Club!  What do YOU want to see in way of future Club events and training days? Do you have any ideas on how to improve our Club?  All suggestions are welcome!   We will be discussing bringing back our Super Singles, hosting a WC/WCX, and some other possible fundraisers. If you would be interested in chairing an event or being on an event committee, please contact Jason.

    We hope to see you all on February 3rd for our first training day and general meeting of the year.  We also look forward to seeing how your training has progressed over the holidays and/or hear your hunting stories.

    Thank you, and Happy New Year!

  • Tuesday, October 24, 2017 1:23 PM | Ron Stahl (Administrator)

    Hi Central Coast Hunting Retriever Club Members!

    We hope everyone is out there enjoying the start of the hunting seasons or the return of the fall hunt test and trials. It's been a jam-packed fall for all the members between all of the above and of course those who attended the Master National in Texas. With all that going on some of our club events were canceled and we have received lots of requests on when can we reschedule some fall training days. Well, the best date we can come up with is November fourth, at Goose Lake. We have this available on the club's website for RSVPs. We will have flyers available, and you can pay for those the day of. Depending on set up we could be using pigeons, pheasants or ducks. 

    Also at the beginning of November board nominations will be going out for all positions. So if you are interested in being on the board, please nominate yourself. If you have questions about what the board does, please feel free to ask any of the current officers. Elections will be held in December; results posted January first, and all this will be done by email as usual. 

    Hopefully also on November fourth if we have a quorum of members we will have a short general membership meeting to discuss club business. 

    See you all soon in the field,
    Central Coast Hunting Retriever Club

  • Tuesday, August 01, 2017 8:59 PM | Ron Stahl (Administrator)

    Hello CCHRC members and friends,

    I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer and have been able to spend some good time with their dogs. With August comes the time we all start thinking about hunting season, hunt test and field trials starting at the end of the month and in September. Also, we began our monthly training days, so far for the fall we have them scheduled on Sunday, Sept 17, at goose lake and Saturday, October 28th, the location is TBA.  We will try to have flyers available and will update the web page when we know.

    CCHRC would also like to send out a big thank you to Ron Stahl. For those that haven’t heard, Ron and his wife Suzette have moved out of state to pursue other opportunities. Ron has been a member since 2008 and has held many roles in the club, president, secretary, HT secretary, Super singles chairman NAHRA test chairman and some of these he did multiple times along with many other events. He also manages our website, keeping the club current with technology to get information out to people. Ron was a key figure in handling the AKC paper work to get the club approved to hold AKC events. At events and training days, Ron was always one of the key people first there to set up, work the event and last there to tear down. CCHRC wishes Ron, his family, and dogs good luck on their new adventures. Whatever club gets him next will be lucky.

    As we move into the fall, we need to start our planning for our 2018 hunt test. The tentative dates will be April 21st and 22nd. We will be looking for people to fill committee positions HT secretary, Gun Captain, equipment manager and head marshal. Also this year we would like to add a co-chairman to help Jason O. Smith with this position. If anyone is interested, please contact Jason ASAP so we can get our paperwork into AKC and decide if we are moving forward with a 2018 hunt test.

    At our September training day, we will be holding a general business meeting and will be sending out an agenda with our September newsletter. If you have items or ideas you would like to discuss, please forward them to Jason Smith and/or bring them with you to discuss. Once again we are always looking for new things to do and ways to do it.

    See you all soon and thanks, Central Coast Hunting Retriever Club.

  • Sunday, April 30, 2017 7:45 PM | Ron Stahl (Administrator)

    Hello CCHRC Members,

      Can you believe it's May already? Where has spring gone? Even though spring is almost done there sure are a lot of members who had a successful one. Whether it was starting a new hunting dog, getting that title or qualifying for a national event, Congrats. It sure was exciting watching everyone and their dogs do great.
      We as a club were pretty successful also, by holding our first AKC hunt test and by doing such a good job, we have heard back from AKC, and we are now officially a licensed AKC club! We also heard nothing but good from the handlers, judges, and bystanders about our event and how much people are looking forward to attending next year. Every member should give themselves a pat on the back because all of you had a part in making it happen. In the process we were able to net around $1750 plus or minus a couple hundred to spend on updating, repairing and purchasing more training equipment. We also cleared another $1000 in our shotgun raffle. Hopefully next year we can plan on doing a double stake and draw more dogs. If you're interested in serving on the 2018 HT committee, please let Jason O. Smith know, because the planning will start soon.

      Some upcoming events we have will be our May training day on May 20th. It will rotate back to goose lake because we plan on shooting flyers and that is the best place when we have flyers to get the best use out them. Also please RSVP on the club website, if it looks like it will be too warm that weekend in Lost Hills we will need to notify you of a location change.

      Our other upcoming major event is our basic and advanced judging /handler seminar. Entries close May 5th for this event, and you can register on Entry Express. Even if you don't have a desire to judge this seminar covers a lot of great material to make you a better handler. We hope everybody can make it. Also, we will need test dogs to judge along with throwers and gunners. If you don't want to be a registered participant but would like to get in some training and help, please let us know.

      June and July we don't have anything scheduled, due to weather, busy schedules and other commitments. It doesn't mean we can't have something. We could hold an early short training day and maybe have a club BBQ afterward. If doing this interest you, please let one of the club officers know and we will get something on the schedule.
      Once again thank you for all your participation in making Central Coast Hunting Retriever Club so successful.

    See you soon,
    Central Coast Hunting Retriever Club

  • Wednesday, March 29, 2017 1:00 PM | Ron Stahl (Administrator)

    Hello CCHRC Members, 

    It’s been a busy spring so far for the members and the club. We hope you have been meeting those training goals for you and your dogs, along with having fun.

    Saturday April 8th will be are next training day at the Porter Ranch outside Nipomo in San Luis Obispo. All the information for directions and to register are on the clubs website.

    Entries open for our hunt test March 29, 2017 and will close April 10th. Be sure to get entered in our first AKC hunt test and have the right to say I was at the “first one”. Everyone from the club that is there please be prepared to help. Most of the key roles are filled, but as you know there is always something that needs to be done. We will be holding a BBQ tail gate Saturday night so if you can help with cooking, set up and tear down please let Carolyn Romane know.

    After the hunt test our next training day will be May 20th, the location is still TBD.

    We still need entries for the basic and advance judging seminar to be held June 2, 3 and 4th in Lost Hills. We have a minimum amount of students we need for this to happen, so please get registered on entry express if you have not yet. Coming from those who have attended before, they cannot express enough how much it helped them in the field running dogs. Even if you can’t make the basic on Friday please try for the advance on Saturday/ Sunday. The club has received a Grant from the MNRC to offset cost of this event. We would hate to cancel it and lose this great opportunity locally for the club. If you’re interested in being a test dog at the event please let Jason O. Smith know, we need 3 of each stake levels.

    Looking into the future for summer time events, we will try to plan some training days around the summer heat. It’s been brought up to me to host maybe a non-dog event this summer. Examples are a club party BBQ, a range day shooting skeet/ sporting clays. If you have some other ideas please share. 

    As always we will finish this newsletter letting you know this is your retriever club, please share any ideas you have you would like to see the club do. 

    See you soon,
    Central Coast Hunting Retriever Club

  • Friday, February 10, 2017 10:42 AM | Ron Stahl (Administrator)

    Hello CCHRC Members,

      I hope everyone is enjoying this rain and it hasn’t caused anyone problems. Hopefully the rain is filling your local training areas and you can get your dog’s back running those water setups on a regular basis.

     On February 4th we held a training day out at Goose Lake in Lost hills and had a great turn out. Those who rolled the dice on the weather were treated to a beautiful day. Our next training day will be held in Creston in northern Slo County March 4th. For those of us going up to the CRTA super singles being held on Sunday March 5th, we will try to finish with enough time to get on the road and headed to Denverton to arrive there at a decent hour. For more info on the super singles you can go to

      We also held a general membership meeting during the training day, there was no actionable items voted or decided on. Most of the topics were information only. Some of those topics where about the upcoming hunt test April 22, 23 and some of the job assignments we still need to be filled or done. If you’re looking to help please contact HT chairman Jason O. Smith. Other Items were the ongoing gun raffle we are holding to replace and repair some training equipment the club owns. Sales are going good and we still have tickets available. If you would like to purchase/ sell tickets please email or call Jason O. Smith.

      Last big item is the AKC basic and advance judging seminar being held June 2,3 and 4th in Lost Hills. If you run hunt tests or are interested in running, this is a highly recommended seminar. You don’t have to be a judge or the desire to be one. You will learn what the rules are to clarify any questions you have while learning what the judges look for and how they score your dog. You can register on Entry Express, you will find it under seminars. 

      Other big news we are now a member club of Master National Retriever Club and Master Amateur Retriever Club. Our Calendar is pretty full with training days and events so hopefully there is something for everyone and dog. You can stay up to date and schedule accordingly by checking the events page regularly on our web page. 

      As always thank you for supporting and participating CCHRC. Also if you ever have concerns, ideas and suggestions for the club please contact one of the board of directors. This is your club, we want you to get what you and your dog needs out of it. 

    Hopefully we see you and your dogs soon, 
    Central Coast Hunting Retriever Club 

  • Thursday, January 05, 2017 8:18 AM | Ron Stahl (Administrator)

    Hello CCHRC Members and Happy New Years,
    We are happy to announce our board elections have been counted and your 2017 officers will be,

    President: Jason O. Smith
    Vice President: Jon Kelley
    Secretary: Ron Stahl
    Treasure: Susie Gallagher
    Members at large: Becky Williams, A.J. Cecchettini, Dave Farrar, Carolyn Romane

    The board is looking forward to an exciting year serving the club and its members. 

    Our event calendar is pretty full this year so be sure to look at the event page and get those training days and events on your calendar. A lot of locations haven’t been determined due to waiting on weather, grounds and water conditions, but we will always try to post at least 30 days out. Our first event will be a training day and general meeting at Goose Lake February 4th. 

    Other big event news is our hunt test is just waiting on AKC finalization. Once finalized we will let everyone know when entries will be open, remember club workers get priority for Master entries so if you want help out at the event with setting up, throwing, gunning, test dog or whatever remember to contact Jason O. Smith. Our AKC basic and advance judging seminar will be June 2, 3 and 4th. We will need set up crews along with gunners/ throwers and 3 dogs of each level to run for the advance seminar on the 3rd and 4th. 

    News from California Retriever Training Associations is they are offering a Spring Goose Lake membership for $300. Which could be a good a deal for our members who only want to train during the nice weather in the spring at Lost Hills. More info can be found at their website

    As always if you have ideas or suggestions for the club please contact one of the BOD officers, remember this is your club and they are here to bring what you want in a retriever club. 

    Happy New Years, CCHRC

  • Saturday, December 10, 2016 11:45 AM | Ron Stahl (Administrator)

    CRTA just announced a hunt test training and handling seminar they will be holding at the Denverton training grounds January 28th and 29th.  Flyer for this event is available on our website here.  Spots are limited for those that want to bringing their dogs so if interest be sure to register early!

  • Monday, November 14, 2016 4:43 PM | Ron Stahl (Administrator)


    I hope everyone is having a great hunting and hunt test season.  I hope that you are getting opportunities to spend some time in the field with` your two and four legged friends hunting the birds of your choice.  

    The board for directors have put together the calendar for 2017.  We are working on locations for these events and will announce the locations as soon as possible.  You can review the calendar here.  

    Board elections are coming soon and we are looking for nominations for all positions President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and 3 member at large.  If you or someone you know is interest in a position on the board please contact us not later than November 30th.  Ballots will be sent out the first week of December.

    If you are not aware the club has been approved to hold it's first hunt test.  We have submitted our application for our first test that will occur on April 22nd and 23rd and are in the planning faze for this event.  With an event of this size we will need all the help we can get.  So if you have anything particular you know you can help with please contact Jason Smith or Ron Stahl.

    The first membership renewal notice will be sent out December 12th, dues for 2017 will remain $30 for the year and are due by January 1st.  With all the things we have planed for 2017 it is important that we have everyone’s support, so please have your renewal in as soon as possible.  Membership renewal can be processed here on our website.

    Not already a member?  2017 will be a great year to become a member of CCHRC!  We are really excited about all the great events we have planned. Click here to become a CCHRC member!

    2017 is shaping up to be an exciting year for CCHRC and we all look forward to seeing you all soon at a future training event! 

    Central Coast Hunting Retriever Club

  • Monday, October 24, 2016 8:17 AM | Ron Stahl (Administrator)

    Hello CCHRC Members,

    I hope everyone’s fall hunting and testing season is off to a wonderful start. CCHRC is happy to announce we have heard back from AKC and our application has been approved! Our board of directors did a great job on getting this done especially secretary Ron Stahl handling the paper work and hundreds of emails. With this news, now we have to start thinking about planning our first hunt test. We need members to step up and take some roles in the committee and positions at the hunt test. We will need a gun captain to handle our gunners, head marshal and stake marshals along with one of the most important positions is an experienced AKC HT secretary to work with Ron Stahl in preparing and submitting the paperwork properly. There is plenty of work to do in planning and the day of the test so if you’re interested please contact the HT chairman Jason O. Smith. Also remember HT committee members get preference in MH entries. We are looking at putting the test on in the spring of 2017 in Lost Hills at the CRTA Goose Lake training grounds so we will need to get planning and preparing fast. A lot of us members have been attending other clubs test for years, so remember it’s time for us to return the favor and do the hard work to put a test on for the other clubs to attend. CCHRC had a great reputation for putting on one of the best NAHRA test in the west, let’s carry that tradition on.

    Other news, don’t forget to sign up for our training day November 5th, all the info is on the web page here. With the holidays coming up CCHRC has usually held a club holiday party, whether hosted at some ones house or a restaurant. If we have a member or members who are interested in planning one please contact Jason O. Smith.

    Board of director elections are coming up soon, we will be sending forms out for nominations November 1st and voting by email December 1-31st. If you’re interested in a position or know someone who is please nominate them or yourselves. All positions are available President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasure and Members at large (3).

    One other thing we would like to try this coming year is members sharing the planning and setting up of training days. It will be your responsibility to come up with location, dates, training set up and organization of the day. If you have an interest in organizing a day please let one of the board members know.

    We would like to hold other events besides training days next year also so if you have an idea or interest in being a lead in an event please let us know. We would love to get back to holding a super singles and maybe a WC/ WCX.

    One last thing the club is also looking for fundraising ideas, besides putting on events like HT’s and super singles we would like to explore other ideas to repair, replace and buy new equipment we will need for these events. So if you would like to help out in seeking donations or planning fundraising, lets us know.

    As always if you have any questions or ideas for the club please let us know, remember the club can only be has good and active as its members.

    Central Coast Hunting Retriever Club

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